Safety Representatives

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Today I want to take you through a safety representatives roles and responsibilities. When ever I train the one consistant question that always comes up is, Am I going to get paid extra for being a safety rep? First things first the answer is no but some companies that have a lot of incidents tend to give performance bonuses if incidents are considerably reduced.

The responsibility of a safety representative does not differ from a general staff member. What the law states is that every person in the workplace has a responsibility to keep themselves and everyone else safe where reasonably practicable. Therefore everyone is expected to report unsafe conditions, addtional risks and unsafe acts.

Where the safety representative is different, is that they have been elected to represent the workforce when dealing with safety issues.

A safety representative shall be trained and once trained will have certain roles that need to be carried out. These roles include the following:

Carrying out safety checks – Area safety checks are to be done in order to ensure that the evacuation routes and doors are free from obstruction and are ready for use. The are checks are also done to try and identify any additional risks that may exist since the initial safety audit and risk assessment.

Carrying out safety equiupment checks – Equipment shall be checked to ensure that the equipment is still compliant and easily accessible.

Attending monthly safey meetings – Monthly safety meetings shall take place and the safety representatives need to be there. this will be the platform for them to voice safety concerns and to contribute to minimise the risk that exists.

reporting incidents and carrying out investigations – Once an incident occurs the incident needs to be reported in order for the correct process to take place. Once the incident has been reported the incident needs to be investigated. thie investigation will include all the details of the incident include all of the activities leading up to the incident

This report will assist in reducing this incident from occuring in the future.

If you have any questions regarding safety representatives or any other safety issues please feel free to contact me via this blog or my email address in the contact us section of this website.

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