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Winter nearing ever so close, bringing the cold and power cuts brings a lot more dangers into our homes and businesses.

As our buildings are not built to withstand cold conditions like Europe and the Americas we are forced to use powered heat sources to bridge the gap and to create a comfortable climate indoors.

Elecrical aids like heaters are used and electric blankets, as this unnatural heat fills the room the body naturally relaxes and you get tired. This results in people not concentrating or falling a sleep. In the 8 years I have been in the fire safety industry I have heard of countless deaths of people leaving heaters too close to curtains and electric blankets on and then falling a sleep.

Please think about where you place your heat sources as this is the final piece of the starting a fire puzzle in your home or worlplace. I also urge you to vigilantly switch off all of your heat sources before going to bed.

Everything about winter lends itself to laziness and desperation for heat and this is a deadly combination.

With the power cuts, gas and candles are often used to create warmth and light. With a pet or children all it takes is being interested in the light and bumping something over so please always consider your environment before settling down and relaxing.

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Fire Safety and fire prevention

Hi All,

Before I was qualified, I attended some fire safet courses, and I found that half of the training was about putting the fire out. I am a firm believer that most of your energy has to be put into prevention.

Prevention takes time and money but if looked at correctly it can be put into a plan and budget where it lands up costing you very little. Many people I have dealt with in South Africa seem to want to do the minimum to be compliant, but the truth is for effective fire prevention more is needs to be done.

With training, work shops and creating awareness throughout the company there are eyes everywhere looking through the interest of safety window. The more people looking the easier and quicker small things can get picked up. This costing a small amount for a part for safety rather than continuously missing the same potential hazards, until one day the hazard becomes a reality and the results could be devestatin.

A good way for you to have more eyes on the safety prize is to not let someone get trained in more that one discipline. For example a group can get trained in fore safety but they do not have to be a safety rep or trained in evacuation and first aid. this way you get more people thinking about safety.

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Think Safe

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