Fire extinguishing equipment

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When looking at protecting your staff and your company from fire, your fire fighting equipment is your first point of compliance. You need to ensure that your equipment is correct for the type of fire emergencies that can occur in the workplace as well as ensuring that you have enaough fire equipment.To ensure compliance and maximum safeguarding of your company the following needs to be carried out.

A safety audit needs to be conducted, this will look at the types of fires that can occur in the workplace. By knowing this, you are able to equip yourself with the correct fire fighting equipment to suit your company.

The audit will also look at the size and layout of the building. With this information you will know the minimum amount of fire extinguishers and hose reels that are required on the premises to be compliant. Remember that the appropriate signage shall be installed along with the equipment. The signage shall point out the location of the fire fighting equipment to assist staff in the event of an emergency.

Once the correct equipment is installed there are continuous checks and services that need to be carried out to maintain the compliance of the equipment. Monthly checks shall be done to ensure that the equipment is still in the correct place, the pressure is correct, there are no visible damages and the service date has not been passed.

A service should be carried out once a year by a competent and qualified company. A compliance service sertificate and an equipment register shall be provided.

It is important to remember to keep the signs and equipment free from obstruction and visible at all times. By doing all of the above mentioned the equipment will be ready for use in the event of a fire emergency and the premises will be continuously compliant.

It is also legally expected and a good practice to train staff members in fire fighting and hazard identification. This will add an extra safety measure to your workplace.

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Safety training and awareness

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As I am fortunate enough to be assisting companies in in a few different working environments. It is interesting for me to see that throughout all the sectors the main reason companies fall short in safety is training.

They fall short as far as compliance goes but even more worrying is that incidents are continually occurring and training can make all the difference. By employees being aware of safety issues and hazards alone will minimize incidents and injuries.

Training as many staff members as you can means that there are more eyes looking out for the well being of your staff members and assets.

Training that is needed is:

safety awareness training and communication of the safety audit and risk assessments carried out.

Fire safety training this is useful for two reasons, the first is fire prevention, your staff get trained in identifying fire hazards and mitigating the risk and then extinguishing the fire if one occurs.

Evacuation training to alow enough of your staff members to have the confidence and ability to control their peers to exit the building safely.

Safety representative training is crucial to get trained personnel to help you continuously keep your safety system compliant as well as effective.

The final training is first aid training which is required to have in place for post incident application where you are able to minimize the effects of injuries caused by an incident.

Please let me know if you need any further information on any safety training required.

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