Safety Procedures and instructions

Hi Everyone,

My topic today is inspired by the last few training sessions I have given combined with the follow up fire and evacuation drill that we facilitated.

What I have found to be the difference between the good and great training sessions have been the the companies that have really put effort into their safe work instructions and procedures.

When looking at an effective safety system each step needs to link correctly with one another and then communicated and trained to the correct number of staff members. With this in mind one of the last steps before training is creating your safe work procedures and safe working instructions.

Being done correctly the procedures and instructions take into account all of the information you have collected, your risk assessments, your safety audits and the activities that are undertaken every day.

The safe work procedures and the safe work instructions are then created with one goal in mind and it is:

Carrying out an activity in the same way every time you do the activity ensuring the same outcome. The outcome is a safe and correct one.

when I have carried out the training on great procedures and instructions the follow up emergency fire drills have been effective and fluent, with the staff confident in the steps they were taking.

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All the best