When are you Safety compliant

Hi Everyone,

In the last few weeks I have had a lot of contact with current and potential customers. During this time I have shaken my head in frustration and been dissappointed with certain safety reactions.

The frustration and dissappointment came in as I was surprised that the various people I had been dealing with did not see the validity and necessity of increasing safety awareness in the workplaces that they are apart of.

This got me thinking about when being compliant on paper is not enough. What I mean by this is that you have complied to the OHS laws and created procedures, appointed safety reps and have all of the correct serviced safety equipment. By having all of this you may be considered to be compliant but without applying all of the procedures in the safety system and communicating to and training your staff the system is a failure.

The only systems that I have seen work effectively and protect the company as it was intended to, is the systems that the management are active in the system and passionate about results. This means educating and involving as many employees as possible in safety, Encouraging all of the workers to look out for each other and explaining all of the risks they will face in their job.

Communication along with action is the key to a safe work environment.
Continue to improve and assess your safety situation as employees change, new buildings get older and remodelling takes place.

Improving and assessing your current situation can be done within the company as long as the ground work was done correctly. I always try and set up a safety system and leave having given the correct tools to the staff to maintain a compliant premises themselves but letting them know I am available to problem solve any issues.

Hold workshops, toolbox talks, and fire drills to keep the staff thinking of safety and the procedures to follow.

Please contact me if you require any assistance with improving or creating a safety system.

Thanks for reading and please think safely

All the best